We are two students from Zurich, Switzerland who are developing an app. Our vision is to make it possible for everyone to participate in environmental protection in a simple, uncomplicated and playful way. That is why we have created ENVIR.

Endangered Species

Billion humans

Swiss students

Earth to Protect

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Living Green

Inside this eBook you will learn more about the topics recycling, save as much power as possible, cut back on the use of paper products, transportation, organic gardening & lawn care, additional tips to help you live green and so much more! 


App Evolution

We have found a way how everyone can have an easy and playful impact on saving our planet. You certainly know the consequences of climate change but sometimes we are just too lazy to take action. ENVIR will change that. ENVIR makes environmental protection easy and fun.

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Rafael Haegi

Im Bindschädler 27

8703 Erlenbach, Switzerland