How it works.

ENVIR is a game and a movement for individual climate protection. Each and every one of us can help nature.

You start with your own island. In the beginning there is not much on it but by simply tapping the screen, you will release particles. Tap as fast as you can. Tap while you're waiting for the bus. Tap while you're taking a Uber. Tap for hours on end.

The more particles you have collected, the more plants and animals you can add to your island. Particles is the currency within ENVIR.

But wait there is more. You also have the opportunity to do real-life daily tasks and challenges. Through completing them you gather particles to do even more upgrades on your island.

Once you've added some plants and animals, you can make a free donation to an environmental organization of your choice.

ENVIR consists out of four different main aspects:


There are 5 islands to explore. Unlock over 60 species.

Tap on the island to collect particles. These particles can be used to add and upgrade your animals and plants on your own island. Our game makes climate protection simple, playful and fun.

Nature protection is no longer boring!


See the earth with different eyes

ENVIR is a learning platform.


Simply read through the newsfeed page to learn more about our nature and all the wonders it brings with it, inform yourself about different environmental organizations and their focus areas. On the newsfeed page you will also learn  everything you need to know about our partners and where your donations will go to.

Real life tasks.

Do real life tasks and challenges to help the environment.

ENVIR encourages you to actively help the environment in form of daily tasks. Learn how you can have a healthier, happier and more climate friendly lifestyle with simply completing the daily tasks. Track your process and improvements all the way and compete with your friends.

After completing a task, you will be rewarded the particles you use to add and upgrade plants and animals on your island.

Even you can make an impact


for free.

Do you want to help in Bali, Africa or anywhere in the world? - No problem

Make free donations to an environmental organisation of your choice. You can decide what kind of donation it will be and where it goes. To find out which topic and which environmental organization fits your requirements the best read through the newsfeed within the app.


The app ENVIR will be completely free to use.

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We are nature

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