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The Envir app is the first digital fundraising app that makes donating to environmental projects fun. Envir offers "Smart Donations", a simple, transparent, and straightforward way to donate. With the Envir app, you can protect our environment in an easy and playful way.

After completing real-life challenges you'll earn DPs (Donation Points), many different items for your islands, coins with which you can upgrade your islands. With DPs you'll have the opportunity to make donations to environmental projects of your choice.

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Real life challenges.

Do real-life challenges to help the environment.

Envir encourages you to actively help the environment in the form of daily challenges. Learn how you can have a healthier, happier, and more climate-friendly lifestyle by simply completing the daily challenges we challenge you to do and try to stick to certain behaviors. After completing a task, you will receive a free chest.

Enhance your impact.

for free.

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Do you want to help in Hawaii, Africa, or anywhere else in the world? - No problem

Make free donations to environmental projects of your choice. These projects will be in collaboration with our carefully selected group of partners. We are completely transparent regarding where your donations go.

Chest rewards.

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Complete adventurous real-life challenges to earn chests that are filled with many different items to upgrade your islands with and of course Donation Points with which you can donate for free. With some luck, you can even unlock new projects from chests.

Nature protection is no longer boring!


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Get to know all the wonders of nature.

Discover different aspects of environmental protection with our various partnering organizations. From protecting wildlife to helping reduce humanity's annual Co2 emissions, our partners offer interesting solutions to modern problems all across the board.

Upgrade your islands.

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Upgrade your islands and track your process throughout the journey. You can add and upgrade different plants and animals to your islands. To have the maximum available biodiversity on your island you'll have to complete as many different real-life challenges as possible.

Your island will reflect your achievements.

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