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The Envir app is the first digital fundraising app that makes donating to environmental projects fun. Envir offers "Smart Donations", a simple, transparent, and straightforward way to donate. With the Envir app, you can protect our environment in an easy and playful way.

With DPs (Donation Points) you'll have the opportunity to make donations to environmental projects of your choice.
There are two ways to collect DPs. Either in-game for free or with a purchase.
Now it gets even more interesting. You can not only donate your DPs, but also the points of other players.
There are battle arenas where you can win the DPs of other players. The right strategy will bring you victory!

The more active you are in using the Envir app to donate to environmental projects and to complete real-life tasks, the more LPs (Life Particles) you earn.
The Envir app is completely free to use.



Choose your stake and a card that will give you certain advantages in the battle arenas and challenge other players within the community with a chance to multiply your DPs (donation points).

Nature protection is no longer boring!


Real life tasks.


Do real-life tasks and challenges to help the environment.

Envir encourages you to actively help the environment in the form of daily tasks. Learn how you can have a healthier, happier, and more climate-friendly lifestyle by simply completing the daily tasks we challenge you to do and try to stick to certain behaviors.

After completing a task, you will be rewarded with LPs (Life Particles) which you can use to add and upgrade exclusive plants and animals on your island.

Enhance your impact



for free.

Do you want to help in Bali, Africa, or anywhere in the world? - No problem

Make free donations to environmental projects of your choice. These projects will be in collaboration with our partners. We are completely transparent regarding where your donations go.


Upgrade your island.


Upgrade your island and track your process throughout the journey. You can add and upgrade different plants and animals. To have the maximum available biodiversity on your island you'll have to win/lose in battle arenas and do certain daily tasks that will give you special rewards.

Your island will reflect your achievements

Get to know all the organizations and stay up to date

The Envir App is a learning platform.

In combination with the app and our social media channels, we share our knowledge all around nature and the wonders it brings with it. You can inform yourself about different environmental organizations and their focus areas or discover exclusive nature facts. In the app, you will also have the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about our partners and where your donations go.

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